Savor The Moment And Pass It Forward

It was Game 7 of hockey’s Stanley Cup, and everybody was excited because the Boston Bruins were about to win another hockey championship. There were expectations of a massive post-win celebration, and parade. But it never happened! They didn’t win! After a long series where Boston was out-playing its opponent, the team had a bad night. One “off” game, and the celebration evaporated into oblivion. It goes to show you, nothing is guaranteed, and winning is a tough thing to achieve.

Chris Ryan, WKXL radio talk show host said, “The Bruins’ loss was a let-down for a lot of us who love live entertainment. Live entertainment like sport events bring people together. It offers comradery and friendly competition. These live events – whether for youth, college, or pro leagues – give us a moment to break away from what else is going on in our lives and to have some fun. And later, we can relive those moments – win or loss – with friends and family.

Of course, there are other events in our lives that are fun and entertaining and offer personal reflection. Good examples are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that come and go each year. Like sports, these can remind us that being a good parent can be difficult and unpredictable. Being a parent can require continuous, hard work, but certainly offers its joys.

Steve Labbe, owner of Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning commented on this subject, “To me, Father’s Day is not just one day a year. It is EVERY day of the year. It’s difficult being a father and providing moral guidance. You want their lives to be the best they can be. And you have to set an example.”

Steve noted, “I was at a friend’s son’s All-Star Game. It brought me back to when my 13-yr-old son was playing ball – 2 to 3 times each week. We had so much fun. It takes you back in time. You have to savor these moments because time goes by so quickly.”

He continued, “It makes me pause for a moment. Have I done enough? What’s the future for my kids? Being a father changes you. It is a remarkable experience.” He added that it gives you perspective about your own parents, and the shortcomings and the decisions that they had to make. “Once you gain that perspective you understand.”

Steve commented, “Now I am in the ‘empty nest syndrome’. Now I am watching the whole process unfold. It’s exciting. They are maturing and are becoming successful in their own ways.”

Thinking out loud, he added, “There is nothing like seeing kids survive on their own, being independent. It makes you feel good to see them be the best versions of themselves. But it also makes you look at yourself to see if you are being the best you can be. It can be frustrating for yourself when you see kids doing things that you don’t like about yourself.“

Like sports, everybody’s life can be difficult at times. Steve’s attitude is that “You constantly need to work at it.”

As he said, “To me Father’s Day is every day. “You have to practice it every day, both the giving and the receiving.” Recently he found himself spending some time with his own Dad, helping him with his camp, doing what he is good at – keeping the plumbing working. If Paradigm can help you with your plumbing needs so you can spend more time with your kids, give us a call.

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