Bob Marley and Plumbing

No, Bob Marley has not left the music business and gone into plumbing. But who would’ve guessed that Steve Labbe, owner of Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is motivated by Bob Marley music! He was chatting with his long-time pal, radio talk-show host Chris Ryan about how music motivates a lot of people, and Steve confessed, “I am a huge Bob Marley fan. Listening to music puts me in another world. It really motivates me.”

On this particular day, a few weeks ago during the heat of the summer, Chris had Steve on his show and was motivated to ask, “Were there a lot of people installing air conditioning systems this summer?” According to Steve, “Yes, people were interested in AC, but not in installing Air Conditioning systems.” That sure sounds like a contradiction of terms.
“Well, times have changed,” said Steve. “In the past, houses weren’t insulated as well as they are now and of course air conditioning was expensive and considered a luxury. For AC there was an air conditioning system separate from the heating system. But these days houses are built for efficiency and comfort. And there are dual heating/AC systems. You don’t have to install an entire AC system.”

Typically, new houses are equipped with a heating system that has great specifications and is “AC-ready”. That means that It only requires an add-on component to add air conditioning to your existing heating system. It doesn’t have to be installed at the same time the heating system is installed. Steve noted, “This is great if you want to wait because of your budget. It can be added at a later date and at a more affordable price than buying a totally separate AC system. This adds convenience, matches the owner’s budget, and enables us to add the luxury when we want it.”

Builders are looking to put more efficiency in their houses. This is another reason there are more dual heat and AC systems installed today. “It requires only adding a coil to the system to get the AC running. It’s easy!”

More and more people are moving to New Hampshire. Many are more affluent than in the past, and the economy has been good. Air conditioning is no longer a luxury for just the few. People want their comfort. “Paradigm can barely keep up with demand!” added Steve.

With greater efficiency comes more sophisticated technology. Paradigm understands the importance of continuous training for its technicians to be able to not only upgrade customer systems to provide AC but also ensure they continue to run efficiently in the future to provide comfort.

As Chris and Steve’s talk on air conditioning wound to its conclusion, Chris mentioned he was going on vacation and was going to see the Rolling Stones. Amazingly, he had seen them years ago when he was younger and they were starting their careers. He added, “It’s unbelievable how much music motivated them when they were young and boosted their careers. They realized what was possible. Music can motivate all of us.”

Steve added, “It makes you feel like you’re at a concert.” And he should know – he’s been to see several musicians live, including Pat Benatar and Billy Idol. He and his wife were planning to go see Bryan Adams who was touring.

Chris noted, “It goes to show you. I guess if you believe in something [like the Stones did], and have some swagger, you can achieve something.”

Yes, music can change a lot of lives. And it can also add a little swagger to your plumber plying his trade. If you are wondering about how you can add some heating or air conditioning comfort to your life, give us a call.

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