Plumbing: Rewarding for Mechanical and Passionate Individuals

We all know weather in New England fluctuates. Chris Ryan was talking with Steve Labbe, owner of Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning and noted, “ You have to let it happen. You can’t let it stop whatever you are doing.” Steve agreed. During ice-fishing season, he is used to being outdoors with minus-degree temperatures. But one weekend this past February when he planned to ice fish the weather suddenly warmed up. It didn’t bother him, “I just stripped off the layers of clothes.” And simply went fishing.

Ryan added that he was going to Spring Training in Florida. “Last year it was cold. The Floridians couldn’t handle it, whereas I was comfortable. If you are prepared, it’s not a big deal. Don’t let the weather psych you out.” Apparently having a similar attitude and being prepared comes in handy when you are in plumbing.

Don’t Let the Weather Stop You

Chris commented, “Just like the weather, some people get started with good intentions to do something and but never follow through. For example, Steve, take me through the challenge for somebody to become a plumber. It must be rewarding. But isn’t it a challenge for folks because of the duration and dedication required? I understand you had somebody who recently went through that process.”

Steve responded, “You’re right. You need to be mechanical – if you are, the process goes a lot better for you. You also need somebody to sponsor you – a trained and experienced plumber. It takes schooling and field time. If you are interested, you have to go through 4 years of training – that’s 144 hours per year – and 4 years of 2000 hours each year working in the field under an active plumber. Then, you have to be tested to become a journeyman. After 6 months of working, you can test to become an active master plumber. My guy passed the test. It’s rewarding to go through this process. But I agree, it can be a hard process.”

Chris added, “It sounds challenging, but if you have the skills you can enjoy it, right? Does the process weed people out from becoming a plumber?” Steve answered, “It does. But if you have the passion and understand the math, and are willing to work in the elements, getting dirty no matter the weather, it can be rewarding. That’s what plumbers do.”
Chris asked, “Over time does the process and testing change? For example, with the changes in the industry, do master plumbers have to re-certify?”

Steve answered, “Yes they do. With the changes, we must look at what training is required, and whether it is online or in the classroom. We need to certify our people, because they are going into our customers’ homes. We take a lot of pride in knowing that our people are making our workers the plumbers they will be, and what they do is safe for the public.”

Chris surmised, “It says a lot about having to vet these people.” Steve explained, “Yes, I am proud of this guy we have been training.” His team is always trained and ready for the projects they get. Steve mentioned, “We are getting a beautiful job with the State. It is a great facility in Hooksett. We are looking for more commercial projects like that.” Of course, having well trained people is the key. “My general manager is a creative guy engineering many of these projects.”

Chris added, “We [WKXL] know a lot of people associated with the State. And we vet and stand behind our sponsors. Our listeners should know that Paradigm is phenomenal.” Steve’s team at Paradigm has the skills and training for whatever weather they face. For further information about how Paradigm can assist you with your plumbing issues, give us a call.

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