The Salvation Army

Thank you to a great team of bell ringers! We have a lot of fun every year, but most importantly, we are there to support the Salvation Army who provides an opportunity to help anyone in need. Make it an annual event and join our Paradigm Bell Ringing Team each December. Let us know if you would like to join our team and we will be happy to reach out to you! Thank you and God’s blessings. – Steve Labbe

American Red Cross

My heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped make the blood drive a success by helping, posting, and donating. And thank you to the Puritan for their famous chicken tenders and rice and the staff at the Red Cross for an amazing job! You all inspire me, and I love each and everyone of you. Special thanks to Thomas Houle for your help and support! And thank you very much to the following: John Brent, Anne Nichols, Steve Reiss, Lorraine Chisholm, Don Gelinas, Bob Olivier, Michael Bowles, Mart Kainu, Arnand Hebert, Lim Jaeger, Doris Labbe, Jeff Lavigne, Jo Carol, Cara, Baby River, Krysta, Chris Cote, Mary Farwell, Steve Martin, Jesse Doucette, Donald, Ken, Lisa & Carter Falk. It is said that one pint saves two to three lives! I am so proud of you! Together we make a difference! God Bless. – Steve Labbe

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Steve Labbe - President